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ON 11-5-2005, I was part of a great Serbian-Armenian Wedding. The groom was Mr. Alex Gicanov, and the bride was now Mrs. Lorik Gicanov. It was an unforgetable event, held in St. Sava Orthodox Church in St. Gabriel, California. More than 400 people, mostly relatives and friends, attended this great wedding. Dr. Neskovic was Masre of Ceremony, we had also a Great DJ, and Dr. Ananian and his friend Sir. George Mc Daniel from Scotland, performed on violin and piano. All of us who know, love and respect Alex and Lorik, wish them happy and successful marriage, with a lots of kids. You guys are great, we can see that you love each other, and that there is great chemistry between you. Serbs would say:" Na mnogaja ljeta, and this year wedding and next year christening of your first child. And my uncle, who just shristened his first gran grand daughter said:" It was enough wars, let us have more weddings and chistenings. Dear Alex and Lorik, With Love and Respect, and God Bless, Your Dr. Neskovic ps. If you are maybe looking for a Master of ceremony for your wedding, or for a Public Speaker for any occasion,please contact Dr. Neskovic at 818-244 4114, or at e-mail:
Alergican sam na B92.Stavite ga negdje u cosak gdje mu je i mjesto, moze i iza vrata. Pozdrav
Webmasteru LA Serbs: Dopada mi se novi format sajta. Nisam bas sve pregledala ali je poboljsanje. Ipak imam jednu primedbu: Zasto ste izabrali B92 kao glavne i jedine vesti. Namecu mi se razne ideje i naravno -SOROS. Nisam sigurna da cu dobiti odgovor na moju primedbu. Ne bih zelela da jedini desiminator vesti na srpskim sajtovima bude neko ko je izrazito anti-srpski. S postovanjem, Radmila Dimitrov
Nije los sait,ali komunikacija izmedju nas(ljudi),je veoma slaba.Nema nas!
I am not from Serb orgin. I have never heard the language spoken; I'm from Louisiana and live in Atlanta, GA. I do not know much about Serbia and anything related. When I try to find something it always deals with the NATO bombings. I do not know much about Serbia, but I know it has a long history so surely this one event cannot define the whole nation and culture. What are good books, links, or anything to learn more about Serbia and its language and culture? I am also very intrested to learn something of Serbs view of the U.S. and the American public. And certainly I would to find something on the Serb community in the U.S. I know Chicago has a large population of Serbs but surely that is not all. What about Phoenix, Atlanta, New York, etc? Thank you for any help.
Hello! My name is Christine Conradt and I am the Financial Development Associate at the Westchester Family YMCA in Los Angeles. On Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005, we are holding a “Travel Around the World” Food & Wine Fair near LAX. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for the YMCA (a non-profit organization) and to educate the public about cultural diversity. Participants purchase tickets to buy food samples and try to win donated prizes in drawings. There will also be displays of art, crafts, and music from countries around the world. We expect 30+ restaurants/travel agencies/hotels to participate, and well over 1,500 community members to come to the event. We would like to invite representatives from your organization to host a booth during the event, to educate the public about the history, geography, language, music, art, food, and people of Serbia. Booths are free for educational partners such as yourself. We would love to have Serbians represented at our event in September. If you are interested in attending, please email me (or call me) and I will be happy to send you more detailed information. Thank you in advance. Hope to see you there! Christine Conradt Financial Development Associate Westchester Family YMCA (310) 670-4316 x7610
želeo bi da pozdravim sve srbe u los angelesu,i hocu da kažem kako sam ponosan da još čuvate našu srpsku tradiciju, lep pozdrav iz slovenije
Interesantne utiske imate, pogotovu sto sam prvi put na nekom ovakvom sajtu. Neko mi je jednom rekao da jedan covek moze, i treba, da predstavlja jednu zemlju bolje, nego neznam koja grupa politicara.Ponosna sam na vas. Jelena
Sajt vam je strava,imam 17 godina ihtela bih da se dopisujem sa nasima koji zive u Americi pa ako ima nekog takvog nek mi posalje mail na Srbija 4 ever!!!
Lep sajt! Samo napred! Posetite nasu stranicu! Mi nudimo majice sa natpisima na srpskom +50 drugih jezika! Samo za USA! Pozdrav od tima!

51 - 60 out of 201
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