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Chandler, Arizona
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Mi smo Trubacki orkestar FIREBRASS. Sviramo Srpsku trubacku folk muziku, kola i čočeke sirom Amerike. Javite se i mi cemo svirati za vas na vašoj svadbi, rodjendanu, Slavi, krštenju, dočecima i oproštajima, zabavi, derneku, ili bilo kojoj drugoj proslavi života! Za dodatne informacije posetite: ----------------------------------------------- Call us and we will play at your wedding, birthday party, patron saint party, christening party, arrival and departure party, bachelor party, or any other celebration event. For additional information visit: ----------------------------------------------- The main characteristic of our Orchestra is authentic and original playing. The sound of Balkan trumpet distinguished itself from the others. It is a wild music that roars and blows your mind, driving rhythms and hot licks bring listeners to their feet, dancing and cheering, what sets this specific style apart is the breakneck speeds at which it is played. This brass music sounds like no other in the world. It’s loud, rhythmic, uproarious, in-your-face party music. And yes, this is the music used for belly dancing. This sound is able to transform love, joy, longing, sorrow and the whole life into a song, a kolo. The repertoire of the band is various: čoček, Serbian folk and Gypsy songs and also popular music rearranged into the rhythm of čoček. For additional information visit:
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