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This week's question is :
I want to know the difference between rise and raise.

... and the answer is :
 rise or raise?

Two verbs which are similar in meaning: to move to a higher position. The essential difference is that raise is a transitive verb which needs an object to complete its meaning and rise is intransitive, it functions without an object and is sometimes followed by a phrase of time or place. Compare the following:

* 'The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.'
* 'I rise (i.e. get up) at six o’ clock every weekday morning in order to be at work by seven.'
* 'He rose (i.e. stood up) to greet her.'
* 'I raised my hand because I wanted to raise a question, but he took no notice of me.'
* 'If you are raising a family as a single parent, you shouldn’t try to work full-time.'
* 'My child was ill and I had to raise money to pay for the operation.'
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