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High Wycombe
United Kingdom
Hi I have recently published my debut novel, "A Safe Haven" which is based on my dad's memoirs during the former Yugoslavia in the 2nd World War. It’s a story that anyone with Serbian roots would empathise. My dad, Dragoslav Pantic, was born in Štitare, Kruševac and the novel is a fictionalised account of his memoirs from the age of 13 as war breaks out in Europe. He joined the Royalist Serbian Army at 17 but the army, outnumbered by communist forces, retreated to Italy. They were placed in various internment camps until they were eventually sent to England for re-settlement. Britic magazine have recently featured an article about the book. Aleks Simic for Britic writes: *********** “Angela Lambourne is a retired local government finance officer. Married to David and with daughter Zoe she has lived in High Wycombe all her life. Retirement for her did not mean day time television and a bit more time to potter about in the garden, retirement to her meant time to complete a 15 year long project which was to finish her debut novel. So why is this of interest to Britic? Well Angela’s father was Serb WWII immigrant Dragoslav Pantic and her novel called “A Safe Haven” is based on his life and experiences. Something that we as a community have failed miserably to do is to trace the first steps that we took on these shores, how and why we got here and the trials and tribulations of building a new life in a strange new land. Angela does just that in her book and was inspired by the idea that a generation of brave and dedicated people should be remembered. “I feel so passionate that the Serbians who fought for King and Country should not be forgotten,” she told Britic. Angela continues, “ Most people think that because of all the war stories out there, there are no more original tales to tell, but this is one story begging to be to told.” The years since the 1990’s and the wars that tore up Yugoslavia and devastated the reputation of Serbs was also a driving force in her writing and she believes that, “For too long now the Serbian people have had a bad press and I think the time is long overdue for the Serbian people to be un-demonised.” ************** If anyone is interested in the book it is available to order through Or It is also available to order through all major bookstores. An e-reader edition is also available either on Kobo or Amazon Kindle. I would be only too pleased to have any feedback passed back to me. Many regards Angela Lambourne.
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